GSJ ENVO LIMITED is a Limited Company, incorporated under Companies Act 1956 and is conducting business under the name and style of  GSJ ENVO LIMITED since August 1995.

The Company was formerly conducting business as a partner/joint stock Company under the name and style of M/s G. S. JOLLY and has over thirty years of experience in executing projects on turnkey basis in the fields of Water, Waste Water, Sewage Treatment Plants, Under Ground Reservoirs alongwith Booster Pumping Stations, Sewage Pumping Stations, Civil works of Hydro Electric Power Projects, Multistoried Residential & Industrial Complexes etc.
We have a team of highly qualified technical and managerial personnel in various levels having vast experience in the field of Turnkey execution of Projects.  We have adequate machinery and skilled manpower to execute large civil works on our own.
Our Major Works Include :

. Pumping Stations
. Sewage Treatment Plants
. Water Treatment Plants
. Multi-storied Building Projects
. Sewage Stations
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GSJ Envo Limited
An ISO 9001-2000 Company.
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